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What’s new in dry eye is that people are taking notice!

If I had a dime for every time I was asked “what’s new in dry eye,” I’d be sitting on quite a lot of money right now.  The biggest trend in dry eye is that people are taking notice.  The right people really care.  

Patients have always deeply cared.  They’ve been the ones pouring in tears and wondering what was the matter with them, but the newest phenomenon is that doctors and industry are taking notice.  

After spending the greater part of my career watching patients tread water with their dry eye complaints, it’s a relief to see advancements coming from every direction.  

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Whitney Hauser
Associate Editor, Dry Eye for I'm Whitney Hauser, OD, founder of and it's an honor to join the team as editor of the dry eye section. The art and science of dry eye disease make it particularly social media-friendly. With so many different approaches to care, doctors can share what works and what hasn't in their practices. The absolutely wrong way to treat dry eye is to not treat it at all.

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