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Fall has arrived!

As the summer comes to a close unofficially this weekend, it’s the beginning of the fall allergy season around the United States. In my neck of the woods in Connecticut, the leaves are changing already and the ragweed is out in full bloom causing all sorts of havoc on many of our patients— including me. The question is, what can you do proactively to help your practice prepare from a clinical and a marketing standpoint?

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Michael Cooper
Michael S. Cooper, OD is the Medical Optometrist/Chief of Contact Lens services at Windham Eye Group in Willimantic, CT. He specializes in anterior segment disease treating a variety of conditions including dry eye and lid diseases, allergy, and uveitis. He has produced research, participated on expert ocular surface disease roundtables, and lectured domestically on topics such as corneal disease states, uveitis management, Lyme disease, emerging pathogens, sports-related eye injuries in children, and AMD pedigree relationships. Dr. Cooper is published in journals such as Advanced Ocular Care, Clinical Ophthalmology, Optometry Times, Review of Optometry, and Optometric Management. Additionally, he has collaborated with EyetubeOD on a variety of digital media segments including “Managing the Surgical Patient”. Currently, he is actively involved in global clinical studies for novel anti-infective therapeutics, ocular surface diagnostic validation, and AMD genetic research.

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