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I first heard about Warby Parker before most people, I think.

I was friendly with Kate Spade (God rest her soul), who had just opened a store with her husband Andy. They were doing an event for Warby Parker. I attended. It was nice enough. I really didn’t think much about it until a few months later, when suddenly the company was everywhere.

At that point, almost everyone I met asked me what I thought of them. Many must have assumed nobody ever thought of selling prescription eyewear online before. I noted it was already a difficult space in which a notable player, Zenni Optical, was selling product at one-tenth the price Warby Parker was charging. As far as I knew, Zenni controlled their own production facilities and labs. A new company without similar infrastructure would be hard pressed to match their efficiency.

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Moss Lipow
Moss Lipow has been variously referred to in media as "The Genius of Eyewear Design" and "The Most Talked About Eyewear Designer in Decades". His custom work has been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, the Olsens, M.I.A. and more. These include some of the costliest and most elaborate pieces of eyewear ever. He curated and collected 3000 vintage and antique pieces spanning five centuries for his acclaimed definitive history of the medium "Eyewear", published by Taschen. His eponymous line of eyewear is sold worldwide.

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