Based on a recently-released AFP Payments Fraud And Control Survey Report (link: http://dynamic.afponline.org/paymentsfraud/p/1), chances are, your practice has been a victim of actual and/or attempted fraud.

Sound hard to believe? According to the Report, 78% of companies were targets of payments fraud in 2017. And the trend has continued to increase since 2013. The relentlessness of fraudsters makes it important for OD practices to take stock of their payment processes and ensure good internal controls are in place to prevent and detect fraud – whether it’s committed by someone inside or outside of your office.

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Orin Schepps
CEO and Founder of Consultance Accounting that focuses on the way accounting services are provided to the optometry profession. I understand the various challenges that ODs face on both the practice side and the accounting and finance aspect. My goal is to help you grow your practice while achieving your financial goals.

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