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Are you looking for a way to increase second pair sales? Do you want to give your patients a reason to move into a premium lens? If the answer to either question is yes, consider Essilor’s Ultimate Offer. But will it work for you? Here’s what Mark Frutchey, OD, of Frutchey Eye Care in Sanford, Fla., has to say about the Ultimate Lens Package and Ultimate Offer’s impact on his practice.

“Our private practice has used mainly Essilor lenses for the past 10 years. Over that time, our go-to progressive lens has been Definity®. For the past few years, I’ve felt we needed to add a digital, premium lens to expand the quality of what we offer patients.

“My optician and I recently met with our Essilor sales and lab consultants and discussed my desire to offer a premium progressive lens. We talked about the Varilux® X Series™ lens and the Ultimate Offer program, as well as the Crizal Sapphire® 360º UV treatment. For several years, our office has consistently done 90% AR with Crizal Alize UV™ as our best seller. We decided to try the Ultimate Lens Package.

“When our office decides to give something a try, we really try it. This experience was way beyond my expectations. For the months of November and December, we committed to really explaining the value and benefit of the Varilux X Series lens and the Ultimate Offer. Over those two months, our office went from doing no premium digital lenses to 64.7% of total lenses sold being Varilux X Series (35.3% Transitions®, 19.2% polarized, 10.2% plain Varilux X Series).  64.7%! Amazing. We also sold 44% of our AR as Crizal Sapphire 360o UV and maintained our 91% total AR sales.

“Certainly the Ultimate Offer program was a big help. Being able to offer the patient a second set of equal lens quality at no cost, except the cost of a second frame, added value to the already excellent offer. It also eased the patient into considering trying an upgraded, high quality, premium lens option. Patient feedback has been exceptional. They return, stating that it’s the best progressive vision they’ve ever had. Less distortion, excellent computer vision, and overall, just a better visual experience. This has been the best change I’ve made to our optical in many years.”

The Ultimate Offer for Your Patients

Now that you’ve heard how the Ultimate Lens Package can benefit your practice and make a difference for your patients, we hope you’ll consider adding it to your product mix. And take advantage of the Ultimate Offer while it lasts. It’s available through February 28, 2018. To enroll, contact your Essilor sales consultant.

*frame purchase required by patient

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