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You’ll find more mystery in your first year as an optometry student, than in an Agatha Christie novel. Unfamiliarity is everywhere; from expectations to test-taking strategies, to “Do I really need to know that?” (Yes, you probably do). Like any good detective, you’ll need a strategy to navigate the mounting evidence thrown before you. Ok, too much theme there, but practice these tips and you’ll be the one controlling the “plot” of your first year.

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Emilie Seitz
Student writer, Emilie Seitz is a North Coast native from Cleveland, Ohio. She studied Biology at The Ohio State University and proceeded to move east to pursue colder, harsher winters as well as her degree in optometry. Emilie is now in her second year at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University. She serves as the President of the PCO Private Practice Club and as a Salus Student Ambassador. In her free time, she makes optometry-student ‘day in the life’ videos on her Instagram account @eyeseitz. In the future, Emilie hopes to open her own private practice and head start a social media forum that educates the public on the optometrist's role in the health of their eyes.

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