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An OD wonders if she is charging too much for a refraction based on an angry encounter from an octogenarian patient. The responses from the group are overwhelmingly in support of the doctor!

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Alan Glazier
Proud founder of a private practice in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. and I founded this small online community called "ODs on Facebook". I like to connect people.


  1. If you estimate the value of your time to be $400/hr and a refraction takes 6 minutes or 1/10 of an hour then it is reasonable to charge $40. If your refraction is 3 minutes, then charge $20.

    For the record, $400/hr on a 40 hour work week grosses $832,000.

    The net result of medicare not covering the refraction is to cause confusion and cynicism for the patient. It is counterproductive. Quite frankly, I don’t blame the patient for being irate. Though its not the docs fault.

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