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A 2011 graduate from the University of Houston can finally say they are student loan debt free! It seemed like a long journey and a lot of sacrifice but when they decided to buckle down and take control they accomplished their goal! Now they are vacationing in Turks & Caicos!

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Alan Glazier
Proud founder of a private practice in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. and I founded this small online community called "ODs on Facebook". I like to connect people.


  1. Congrats to you Nguyen Anny! I have made it my dream to do the exact same thing. I’m a 2012 OSU grad. I graduated with over $200K in debt. The load that newer grads have leaving school is astounding. However, after educating myself on personal finance, and a little help from Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace University was an amazing experience for my wife and I), I’ve been able to get that down significantly, and hope to finish paying the next year or two. I had honestly never seen a picture of the Turks and Caicos before your post. It is now a dream destination of mine. Hoping to be able to soak up the sun just as you did in a few short years! Thanks again for the great OD on FB post!

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