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It’s no secret that sports are king in America

Most of us have participated in school or club sports as children and teenagers and many of us continue to be involved in sports as adults whether as amateur athletes, fans or parents of children who play sports.

Doctors in athletics

When we hear about doctors in sports, it’s typically within the context of diagnosing and treating sports related injuries. This makes sense as the scope of most healthcare professionals revolves around acute treatment and rehabilitation post injury.

Optometry is perhaps the only profession that can offer injury prevention, performance enhancement and post-injury rehabilitation services for athletes.

Traditionally there has been little knowledge among the general public when it comes to the importance of these preventative, rehabilitative and performance-enhancing services that optometrists can offer.

After all, how many athletes do you see using protective eyewear to prevent injury or to protect their eyes from the sun?

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Fayiz Mahgoub
Associate Editor, Vision Therapy for Fayiz is a fourth-year Optometry student with interests in Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometry and Specialty Contact Lenses. As a first-year student, Fayiz served as president of his university’s COVD and NORA clubs. He then went on to establish a contact lens club and as well as a sports vision club at Western University College of Optometry. Fayiz has also served as National President of the National Optometric Student Association (NOSA).

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