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Are you tired of just “spinning the wheels?”

Don’t take this the wrong way, I do understand that spinning the phoropter dials is the foundation of optometric care – prescribing spectacle lenses is where it all started!1 We apply the art of refraction to improve quality of life for the public on a daily basis. This repetitive routine gave me a “blah” feeling about refractive disorders until I found my passion for specialty contact lenses.

I started offering specialty contact lens services about 3 years ago. Fitting custom contact lenses and orthokeratology lenses quickly became my favorite aspect of practice. If you want to talk about improving quality of life, then take the “Mount Everest” keratoconus patient that has failed with other forms of correction and fit them with scleral lenses! You just made a friend for life – AND you probably made a few more friends from the referrals. The skill set required to successfully fit scleral lenses can be challenging.

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Bryan Holman
Administrator for South Alabama, he holds the seat on the Alabama Optometric Association for South Alabama, he is currently in the 2018 Leadership Optometry Class with the ALOA. Dr. B has special interest in specialty contact lenses, myopia control, glaucoma, and dry eye disease. He has talked for Optovue Inc. on OCT and anterior segment applications. He is also a frequent visitor/lecturer for the UABSO Private Practice Club. He loves spending time with his family: wife Crisse Holman, O.D., sons Zac and Silas, daughter Emma.

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