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One woman’s journey

I wanted to present an excellent book, which should be mandatory reading for all optometrists, not just those of us who practice low vision.  

Not Fade Away is a memoir/autobiography of a woman who started losing her hearing and vision due to Usher’s syndrome when she was a teenager. It tells the story of her life today, and how she has dealt with the gradual loss of these senses that we all take for granted. The author, Rebecca Alexander, is a trained psychotherapist. As such, she tells her inspiring story with a mix of self-analysis and self-deprecating humor. Mostly, she lays it out all out there with brutal honesty that makes for compelling reading. 

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Jonathan Fishbein
Dr. Jonathan Fishbein has extensive experience in working with the visually impaired. He graduated from University of Toronto in 1993, and New England College of Optometry in 1997. He completed a residency in low vision at the Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia PA, where he later worked as a clinical instructor. He has worked at the Low Vision Center of Central New Jersey since 2001.


  1. Jonathan, thanks for bringing up the emotional part of what our patients go through. I had one RP patient say that he was more scared of going blind than now being blind. You are right, it’s amazing how a positive attitude can empower someone to accomplish some amazing things. Thanks for all you do!

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