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Remember when we referred for cataracts surgery when the vision is significantly subjectively affected by lens opacification (in other words, “Ripe”)? They met the magic limit of 20/40. No glare testing, no densitometry were used to qualify, and we used brightness acuity testers and potential acuity meters to demonstrate possible improvement in the acuity. We used manual keratometers and contact ultrasound A-scans for IOL measurement. 

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Tracy Swartz
Consultative Optometrist Laser Eye Center in Huntsville & Decatur, AL specializing in anterior segment. President, Optometric Corneal, Cataract, and Refractive Society (OCCRS)


  1. Great thought, Dr. Schwartz! I tend to look at the driving situation first of all. Would the patient pass the state vision test, if administered today? If not, it’s an automatic referral, as the patient could be blamed in an accident situation. Then we get into driving confidence, even if the vision receives a passing grade. Thank you for this article!

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