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Choosing which version of QuickBooks is right for you can sometimes be unclear. Up until recently, the choice was obvious and Quickbooks Desktop was easily the best version of Quickbooks. However, over the past 2-3 years Intuit, the developer of both has made Quickbooks Online considerably more dynamic and the version they are spending the majority of their resource developing moving forward.

So while Quickbooks Desktop is still a great product and very might still meet your needs for the foreseeable future, I’m going to point out some of the advantages of moving to the online version of Quickbooks.

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Orin Schepps
CEO and Founder of Consultance Accounting that focuses on the way accounting services are provided to the optometry profession. I understand the various challenges that ODs face on both the practice side and the accounting and finance aspect. My goal is to help you grow your practice while achieving your financial goals.


  1. Good article. I use the Desktop version. The overall cost of the Desktop version outweighs the minor benefits of the Online version.

    1. Download of bank and credit info, only takes 5min per month to complete. Once it’s downloaded, all the automatic categorization is basically the same as the online version.

    2. Working from anywhere is a nice option for the online version. If you have a server and a VPN access, the desktop version will work. I agree it’s not as nice as the online version.

    3. Sharing with your accountant is easy with the desktop version as well.

    4. PC and MAC is difficult with desktop if you want to use both on a regular basis, but I only use PC’s so this is not an issue. My account has a MAC and sharing the files with him is easy. You can transfer to a MAC pretty easy.

    5. Updates on the on desktop version is simple. I get them about once a month, and this only takes about 5min. I’m not sure how long or how often for the online version.

    6. Auto download costs: I don’t use the automatic download for desktop. I do this manually once a month. It’s free. Just download the statements from your bank or credit card into the Quickbooks file extension. About 5min to do 4 different accounts (2 banks and 2 credit cards) for me.

    7. Back-up cost: You can backup the desktop version for free. You click the back-up button and it’s done. If you have a RAID server, losing the data is slim. Of course having it backed up to cloud is nice, but same goes for all your data.

    8. Latest product cost: Desktop version is required to upgrade every 3 years. I don’t do it more than that. I don’t see the need

    9. Cloud Hosting costs: I believe in having EHR data, office data, and Quickbooks backed up. However, you can have all this done for the cost mentioned above.

    Again, this is a great article, and I agree with most of it. I think Orin did a great job. The information above is just another person’s opinion. I’ve used both, and I have decided to stay with the desktop version. I believe I save money in the long run.

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