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What do you do after your questions are answered?

I often hear Docs aren’t asking enough questions. But I have to question if more questions are really the answer.

Great questions open the door for personalized solutions. No question, without a doubt. But where I see a disconnect, is if after a line of questioning the doctor learns the patient really is doing “fine” they simply refill the current Rx and they make the mistake of not allowing the patient to experience innovative technology that potentially takes them from “fine” to fanfriggintastic!

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Justin Bazan
Justin Bazan, OD, a 2004 SUNY grad, is the owner of Park Slope Eye in Brooklyn, N.Y., which he established cold in the summer of 2008. He pioneered the use of social media as a marketing tool to help build a successful practice. Dr. Bazan is a recognized international speaker, with an emphasis on practice management, both in the eyecare industry and small business world. He is an avid industry writer and is a regular columnist Optometric Management and Optometry Times. He holds several industry positions including spokesperson for The Vision Council and academic consultant expert for Bausch and Lomb.

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