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Let’s face it. We are still living in a patriarchal society.

No, I am not referring to one’s personal home arrangement, where the man proclaims that his only cooking skills rest underneath the cover of his porcelain-lined Weber grill. No, I am referring to that place where we spend over a third of our lives. The place that for some of us brings a sense of belonging and value and allows us to provide for our families. That place that for others is merely a means to support their personal interests and hobbies. Yes, I am referring to the work place.

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Solomon Gould
As an optometrist with an MBA in Healthcare Administration, I have had the genuine pleasure of consulting for 36 businesses and organizations nationwide to date.


    • Thank you for your reply Jen and sorry to hear you have experienced this first hand. The in-deserved disparity, though it does not exist for all, does still exist and in excess. Additionally, the disparity goes above and beyond just the monetary component but that will be a whole other article in the near future. Thank you for your reply and keep leading the force behind this initiative!


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