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Elegant Gold Evil Eye Bangles


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These gorgeous bracelets are made from stainless steel material and are tarnish-resistant. Handmade and adjustable, they fit a max wrist size of 6.7 inches. Wear one, two or stack all three for a trendy look!

Beaded Bangle
Clover Bangle
Clasp Bangle

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1, 2, 3

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Beaded Bangle, Clover Bangle, Clasp Bangle, Beaded+Clover, 2 Beaded, 2 Clover, 2 Clasp, Beaded+Clasp, Clover+Clasp, Beaded+Clover+Clasp, 3 Beaded, 3 Clover, 3 Clasp

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