Reputations can be brutal

Reputations can be brutal, and at times they can be impossible to live up to. I know none of us like to think back that far, but remember the days of high school when someone’s reputation spread like wildfire through the halls?

It didn’t matter if you knew that person or not, you felt like you did because of what you heard. Even to this day (however many years later…) you may still hear an old classmate’s name and think of that same reputation.

They aren’t always fair. They may not always be accurate. Sometimes it can be really hard to escape one.

However, when you are a physician and own a practice, reputations matter. You can’t outrun them and you shouldn’t hide from them. Taking control of your reputation can be one of the fastest ways to grow your practice!

If you don’t really know your reputation, it may be time to find out.

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Will Tantum
Associate Editor, Practice Management for odsonfb.com. Dr. Will is a graduate of SCO and is the Practice Director at Blount County Eye Center in Maryville, TN. He writes and speaks on practice leadership and has a passion for outreach.

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