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These are some important questions to ask yourself as you consider modernizing your website and internet marketing for 2018. Is your website driving patients into your practice or is it more of an “online brochure”? Is it just a domain name and a site or do you have “fingers” of social media channels and online ads reaching out into the internet set up to drive people to your website? When they get there can you capture visitors and drive them in for exams? Is it on a cookie-cutter template, virtually identical to hundreds of other OD websites? Does the look and feel mirror your practice’s look and feel so people who imagine what their experience will be like aren’t disappointed when they arrive? Is your website your entire online marketing presence? How are people finding it? 

Most of us have outdated or old websites with little SEO, no calls to action, no new content/articles/blogs, poor or non-existent social media efforts and no external marketing tactics like Pay-per-click/AdWords. A modern internet marketing effort is important if you want to drive business unless you want to drive it to your competitors.

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Alan Glazier
Proud founder of a private practice in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. and I founded this small online community called "ODs on Facebook". I like to connect people.

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