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We all know that times have changed.

This isn’t your grandfather’s optometry anymore. As the healthcare system and consumer values have evolved, we’ve been driven towards professional fees as our source of income.  Fees are now in a state of flux, as are materials. 

As a senior ER physician once said, “We’re going to have to revalue our cars, our homes, our vacations, our educations……….EVERYTHING.” 

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Bill Potter
Associate Editor, Dugout Dirt Editorial for Dr. Bill Potter is the senior optometrist at Millennium Eye Care in Freehold, New Jersey. Millennium is a multi-subspecialty optometry/ophthalmology practice, where Bill has practiced for 31 years. Prior to this, he served for 3 years as a Captain and optometrist in the U.S. Air Force. Bill is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He serves as a member of the Review of Optometry’s Editorial Board. The Primary Care Optometry News honored Dr. Potter in 2016 by listing him as one of the “PCON 250” top leaders and innovators in his field. Dr. Potter has a special interest in uveitis and other ocular inflammatory diseases and has lectured and published many articles in this area. Most recently, Bill’s CE article on “Red Disease in Glaucoma” appeared in the March 2017 Review of Optometry.


  1. Thanks, Alan! I look at these ideas every morning! This stuff is all at once easy, yet very difficult. One thing that helps is to have a computer program that tracks your investments at a glance. Mine are on the financial section of AOL, but resources for this are in many places.

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