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The Paris Architect, by Charles Belfoure is a captivating and wonderfully written story about a gentile architect, Lucien Barnard, during the time of Nazi-occupied Paris. Lucien is presented with a very generous offer from a wealthy manufacturer to aid in the hiding of Jews by designing very complex secret hiding places for them until they can escape Paris. Although Lucien is not particularly interested in aiding the Jews, he is excited about the challenge and the money so he decides to risk his life by accepting this offer.

His designs turn out to be ingenious and he is delighted in his ability to trick the Nazi’s time after time. Until on one occasion, his design fails and he is deeply affected by the loss of life. All of a sudden, the situation he is in becomes very real and he starts to feel compassion towards the Jewish people and their difficult situation.

With each new challenge Lucien takes on, the story becomes even more thrilling by the depths he goes to in order to conceal the Jews and ultimately save their lives.

I found this to be a page-turner and a great read! Even though the subject matter is a heavy one, it is ultimately a story of hope and redemption. I would recommend adding it to your reading list!

Marci Moskowitz
Marci is the Managing Editor of and the Vice President of Operations, FluoreSCENE Media.


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