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The case study patient

The patient a 28-year-old Hispanic female, 2 weeks post-partum and alternating between breastfeeding and formula feeding, was referred to me for decreased vision OS of unknown etiology. 

When the optometrist saw her, OD BVA was 20/20 and OS BVA was 20/40. When I saw her 2 days later, the vision was still normal OD, as was the VF, but the OS BVA was now CF with an APD, complete loss of VF and red color desaturation. The ocular exam was WNL without apparent ONH edema of either eye. VF and OCT NFL imaging attached.

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Jill Autry
Dr. Autry received her pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She practiced in critical care before returning for her optometry degree at the University of Houston.  Following graduation, she performed a residency in ocular disease and surgical comanagement at the Eye Center of Texas ophthalmology center where she is a partner today. Dr. Autry lectures nationally and internationally on a variety of pharmaceutical and ocular disease topics and has authored numerous articles for both optometric and pharmaceutical journals.

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