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Online refractions, are you ready?

They haven’t really even started…I’m talking about online refractions and in its wake another wave – a wave of teleconference medicine will come and you better have your swim trunks on.

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Agustin L. Gonzalez
Editorial Board Primary Care Optometry News, Advanced Ocular Care. Author of pharmaceutical prescribing patterns, CE and product speaker with a very active wondering mind.


  1. Good article about emerging technologies and the effect on the profession. Historically we have been a profession of eyeglasses and contact lens. However in the current climate of online and electronic “exams” Optometry must now adapt again. I agree with the article about the human element needed for pathology diagnosis but I disagree that you have to be disruptive to emerging technologies. Rather I think that we need to become complimentary since I do not feel that these technologies are going to go away. Educating patients about specialty contact lens fitting and myopia control are good examples. Glasses and Contact lenses are now commodities but the human physical exam is not.

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