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As imaging technologies continue to develop, OCT brings us anterior segment applications. On the forefront is anterior segment OCT of the epithelial layer of the cornea. Optovue (FREMONT, CA) obtained U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its epithelial thickness mapping software (“epi-mapping”) on Aug. 8, 2017. This technology provides quantitative measurements of the epithelial and stromal layers of the cornea. It is the first FDA-approved product indicated to provide measurements of the corneal epithelium and stroma to aid in the diagnosis, documentation, and management of ocular health and diseases in the adult population.

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Tracy Swartz
Consultative Optometrist Laser Eye Center in Huntsville & Decatur, AL specializing in anterior segment. President, Optometric Corneal, Cataract, and Refractive Society (OCCRS)

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