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On May 30, 2019, ESPN televised the highly anticipated Scripps National Spelling Bee. The competition was so fierce this year that they were starting to run out of words for their contestants to spell as they entered the final 20th round. Jacques Bailly, the event’s pronouncer, stated: “we’re throwing the dictionary at you and thus far you are showing the dictionary who is boss.” This was a historic year for the event as it crowned eight co-champions for the first time in bee history! Usually, by the 16th round, the competition has less than four competing for the title so this was definitely one for the record books! In its 92nd annual event, there have been six two-way ties in its history, but never eight battling for the prestigious title and cash prize.

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Vittorio Mena
Co-Clinical Director of Special Olympics Lions Club International Opening Eyes Program and Sports Vision Director at Optical Academy. I get to service athletes and coaches yearly!

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