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Controlling Myopia Progression in Your Practice

There has been anecdotal evidence for overnight contact lens wear slowing down myopia progression since the age of PMMA lenses in the 1960s, but it has only been in the last 15 years that rigorous trials establishing the efficacy of myopia control have emerged.

Now the field is thriving, as Dr. Glazier and his new website can attest. This is an exciting time to become involved in myopia control, as rates of near-sightedness are on the rise across the globe especially in Asian cultures, where prevalence can exceed 90% in urban millennials.

Even if specialty contact lens fits aren’t your strong suit, this exciting area represents a unique niche in which to set yourself apart in the eyes of your patients.

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Milan Lockhart
4th-year clinician, Berkeley, California. Milan Lockhart is a Midwestern native and University of Michigan graduate completing his fourth and final year at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry. He has been active throughout his optometric education, serving as the Communications Director for Berkeley’s Optometric Business Management Club, Student Life Chair for the school’s Optometric Student Association, and managing the Opto-Camp prospective student program for under-represented minorities interested in attending the Berkeley School of Optometry. His passions lie in specialty contact lens fits, private practice, and giving back to the community.

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