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Many of us practice low vision within a private practice. Like anything else, low vision has its challenges and opportunities.  Here are some helpful tips:

Consider a separate low vision phone number and website.

This sets the low vision ‘practice within a practice’ apart. Having a separate phone number also helps your staff ensure that low vision patients do not get thrown into your regular schedule (see more on block scheduling below).  When the low vision line rings, staff will be able to properly appoint the patient.

Furthermore, patients and family members who may be doing a search for low vision specialists are more likely to choose “Smithtown Low Vision Center” over “Main Street Optometry”. Lastly, referral sources will recognize your dedication to the specialty based on your name and website.

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Jonathan Fishbein
Dr. Jonathan Fishbein has extensive experience in working with the visually impaired. He graduated from University of Toronto in 1993, and New England College of Optometry in 1997. He completed a residency in low vision at the Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia PA, where he later worked as a clinical instructor. He has worked at the Low Vision Center of Central New Jersey since 2001.

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