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Is this your reality?

Like most business owners, you undoubtedly spend countless hours mulling over whether or not your practice is running at its full potential. You consciously dart from one department to the other, entertaining your inherent curiosity with an unconsciously-fabricated stress-alleviating justification. You sleep well at night because you hired that practice administrator with a reputable background and a sharp demeanor. Your employees reveal nothing but loyal and committed colors on a consistent daily basis. Your schedule remains booked despite the economic and industrial impact of the corporate sector. And your CPA provides you with nothing but affirmation, glistening financial statements and balance sheets, and an annual invoice. You are officially the master of your craft, and your practice is flourishing at full bore. Or is it?

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Solomon Gould
As an optometrist with an MBA in Healthcare Administration, I have had the genuine pleasure of consulting for 36 businesses and organizations nationwide to date.


    • Thank you Will – much appreciate your feedback! Though I want to go into depth on everything that I write (can you feel the passion? Ha!), I deliberately try to ‘knock the message home’ concisely. If there is ever a future article for which you would like me to go into greater depth, just let me know and I will write a separate one specifically and accordingly to your desired request. Thanks again for your reply!


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