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Marketing is an investment

When asked how satisfied you are with your website and social media service provider I often hear “they’re great” or “very satisfied”. When I expand the question to “what makes you satisfied they are doing a good job?” I get a lot of blank stares and “oh, I just really like them” comments. Marketing is an investment, not an expense, therefore the way you should gauge the success of your internet marketing effort is by the numbers; is your provider delivering the eyeballs to your website that results in getting butts in your chair?

Let’s compare numbers

The average number of people that visit my website per day is 2700. The number of visits to my website that reside within a distance in which they may patronize my practice is 400. This means that 15% of the people searching for an eye care provider online that find my listing actually are close enough to become patients; the rest of them are traffic from across the internet who won’t drive any direct value to my bottom line. A small percentage of these potential new patients actually come in, but it is important to know this number because then you know if your marketing “spend” is working for you.

If you are not getting at least 15% local traffic you have not “optimized” your listing in Google, hence the term “search engine optimization. This also means you are not getting the best return on your marketing spend. This number is due to your position in Google and how Google views you and presents you to people in your area searching for the products and services you hope to be found for. Remember, the size of my practice has no relevance here. Your practice whether it’s a $500,000 practice or a $5M practice can greatly increase your exposure IF your internet marketing and website provider is REALLY doing a good job. If not, you are leaving money on the table and people are finding your competitors before they are finding you.

There is another test you can do to see how well your website is performing locally. Use the Google structured data tool. “Structured data” is the data Google learns about your website and uses to determine where to place your website in queries that come from your locale for the products and services you hope to be found for. Put your website in the tool and see how it is structured in Google’s eyes then compare mine ( This will show if your website is structured with all the necessary coding that shows Google your status as a provider local to those who you want to find you. How do I get such great structure for my website and internet marketing efforts? Through my provider, Surefire Local.

SureFire Local

Surefire uses sophisticated software and googles algorithms to boost your structured data, which helps target people searching for the products and services you hope to be found for who are NEAR you. This is what separates the wheat from the chafe of internet marketing and website companies and should answer the question, “what makes you satisfied your internet provider is doing a good job?” To optimize your marketing investment you need to know how many people your website and internet marketing provider exposes you to LOCALLY.

Should your website look beautiful? Sure, but it it’s not capturing eyeballs, driving website visits and phone calls if it’s not doing what it is supposed to do. My partner is Surefire Local who uses sophisticated software and a deep understanding of how Google works to target people who are searching for the products and services you have to offer who are NEAR you.

It’s irrelevant how many people visit your website except from an SEO perspective. To optimize your marketing investment you need to know how many people your website and digital marketing provider exposes you to LOCALLY. This is what Surefire Local helped me to understand. I thought my overall traffic and organic traffic was great. Surefire helped me see the opportunities for improvement to the traffic that really mattered to me – my local traffic. Since working with Surefire, I’ve seen my local organic traffic increase 8% from 7% to 15%.

Disclosure: I brought Surefire into our industry after seeing what they were doing in other industries. Optometry had nothing like the marketing products they offered and after a year of using them for my practice, I was sold. I begged them to open an Optometry vertical and now I consult with them on the optometric aspects of website development, social media marketing, and search optimization. Over 100 of you are Surefire customers and more recognize the value they bring to an independent practice every week. For a free website evaluation and phone consult (without any hard sell) call 888-804-8685 or send them an email to set up a consult at

Alan Glazier
Proud founder of a private practice in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. and I founded this small online community called "ODs on Facebook". I like to connect people.