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We all have brands we love and businesses we love to shop at, and the brands and businesses we love are usually those we are more likely to spend money on. Studying how we develop these brand loyalties can provide some valuable business insight for us.

Sometimes it’s the touch, feel or look of the brand or business that drives us to them. It might be a friend or family member you trust and respect told you about a brand. You might even have been brainwashed to think a particular brand is great through repetitive exposure to the brand or advertising. It’s also possible a brand may mean something to you that you can’t put a finger on. No matter why you came to love that brand or business, chances are marketing had something to do with it.

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Alan Glazier
Proud founder of a private practice in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. and I founded this small online community called "ODs on Facebook". I like to connect people.

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