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Capitalism is deeply ingrained into the American fabric.

Unlike some countries, the United States prides itself on its ‘opportunity for all’ premise, permitting its currently 327,092,927 citizens (Census, 2018) to chase after their dreams with no limit to their potential. This inarguably has its many pros and cons and, therefore, musters both supporters and opposers. Nonetheless, as the adage goes, ‘it is what it is’ and within no imminent time-frame do I foresee this changing. And for many reasons, that is not a bad thing.

As opposed to socialism, where theoretically all citizens are equally affected by both the benefits and the costs, capitalism fosters a ‘dog eat dog’ reality. To avoid being on the receiving end of this trend, one must do anything and everything possible to ensure they remain on top of the competition – regardless of the morality thereof. Only naturally, for some, greed and self-interest play a significant component in their decision making. History offers plenty of proof in the pudding.

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Solomon Gould
As an optometrist with an MBA in Healthcare Administration, I have had the genuine pleasure of consulting for 36 businesses and organizations nationwide to date.

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