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As a business owner, you understand your employees are invaluable to your business and its success.

You may provide benefits that demonstrate their value to you, but what about income protection if an employee becomes sick or disabled and can’t work? The loss of a key employee could greatly reduce productivity or decrease revenue. An additional benefit you should consider providing to your executive and management teams is Income Protection by way of a Multi-Life Guaranteed Standard Issue Program.

Through this program, you are sponsoring individual and portable Disability Income coverage with very minimal underwriting – only a company census is needed to determine eligibility and individual medical and financial underwriting is NOT required. Furthermore, there will be no ratings or exclusions applied to the policies.

Additional benefits to both you and your employees include a permanent premium discount of 15-25%, a potential tax deduction for your company, and most importantly, peace of mind knowing your most important asset, your income, is protected.

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