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There I was, sitting on the back deck with a copy of Borish and a calculator……

The phone rang, and a nice gentleman identified himself as Alan Glazier, from ODs on Facebook. Ooo, that rings a bell, I thought. I post there “occasionally,” and he’s The Guy. (It’s like the scene in “Dead Poet’s Society,” where the guy answers the phone in assembly, and says, “It’s God calling, and …….”) Anyway, he asked if I’d like to write a column. I figured, what the heck, it couldn’t hurt, right?

It’s a flattering invitation, and terrifying, too!

I am charged with a light-hearted approach to topics that affect us every day. It’s not like there are daily challenges in optometry, right? Right. We’ll try to be irreverent yet respectful, conservative yet forward-looking and challenging to the core.

I’ve got a few things to air out already, but your suggestions and comments are encouraged! We might even spar a bit. Lifestyle and personal interest topics are in bounds, along with clinical items. ODs on FB traditions will apply, as in, no politics or other excessive controversies. “Don’t bum anyone out” is in there as well, but I am not above a pinprick or two.

A little about me

My own background is as follows, and I’ll avoid a favorite Austin Powers monologue, that thing about making meat helmets……..or, was that meat “puppets?”

Anyway, I’m a New Jersey guy who attended college and optometry school in Philadelphia. Three years as an optometrist and Captain in the U.S. Air Force proudly followed, and I’ve spent the next 31 years at an OD/MD practice in Freehold, NJ.

I go back so far that it was an “MD” practice then. I do some industry consulting, as well as editing and writing for the Review of Optometry. Baseball is the chief cook and bottle washer in terms of my hobbies, thus the title of our column.

Format-wise, it’s a work in progress, with Alan as my sounding board.

This guy has miles of ideas to make things interesting, and I am going to draw on that energy. I’d like to do some interviews with a thought-leader or two and bring home some notions that I have regarding this little thing we do for our room and board.

So, whoomp, there it is……

I’ve got some columns in mind but will respond to any and all reasonable requests. We won’t be “peer reviewed,” but if something requires a reference, it’s in. If we miss it, I’ll stand the fire and fix it to the best of my ability. Let’s have a little fun, and learn a few things along the way!!!

Bill Potter
Associate Editor, Dugout Dirt Editorial for Dr. Bill Potter is the senior optometrist at Millennium Eye Care in Freehold, New Jersey. Millennium is a multi-subspecialty optometry/ophthalmology practice, where Bill has practiced for 31 years. Prior to this, he served for 3 years as a Captain and optometrist in the U.S. Air Force. Bill is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He serves as a member of the Review of Optometry’s Editorial Board. The Primary Care Optometry News honored Dr. Potter in 2016 by listing him as one of the “PCON 250” top leaders and innovators in his field. Dr. Potter has a special interest in uveitis and other ocular inflammatory diseases and has lectured and published many articles in this area. Most recently, Bill’s CE article on “Red Disease in Glaucoma” appeared in the March 2017 Review of Optometry.