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The warranty pitch

Most of us are familiar with the warranty pitch we get when we purchase something like a printer, a TV or a new refrigerator. The companies that sell these products have spent a lot of time and money running stats to figure out that financially, warranties work in their favor.

Yes, companies end up replacing products for warranty holders, but they also have the data that shows them the purchase of warranties far outweighs the number of faulty products they replace. Add to that the fact that many consumers these days view the offering of a warranty as another selling feature for the products they select. The same is true with eyewear. It’s a breakable product and consumers value ‘peace of mind’ with their purchase.

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Will Tantum
Associate Editor, Practice Management for Dr. Will is a graduate of SCO and is the Practice Director at Blount County Eye Center in Maryville, TN. He writes and speaks on practice leadership and has a passion for outreach.