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Upon the recommendation of Dr. Lauren Rubin, I recently read the book, Crashing Through – A True Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man Who Dared to See, by Robert Kurson. This is a fascinating story of the life of Mike May, who was blinded in an accident at the age of three and went on to live a life filled with more adventure and extraordinary experiences than most sighted people.

Then in his 40’s, he was given the opportunity to gain his sight back. The risk-filled, revolutionary stem-cell surgery would give him the chance to see his children, wife and experience a new world. Even though the surgery had very serious risks, Mike approached it like he did everything in life and decided to go for it!

The reader then joins Mike on a journey of challenges in his uphill battle as a sighted person. He is determined to succeed despite the depression and isolation he feels with his new life. He finally changes his approach to seeing and focuses on not just his sight, but the skills he learned as a blind person to complete his vision.

This is the story of truly never giving up and persevering. It is not only inspiring but extremely enlightening about the life of a blind person and how true vision is not just through your eyes.

Marci Moskowitz
Marci is the Managing Editor of and the Vice President of Operations, FluoreSCENE Media.

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