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Why I chose to become a resident

There’s a lot of buzz these days about doing a residency. While it may still be optional, an increasing number of graduates are choosing to partake in this additional year of training. I suspect there’s no financial incentive, although, making some money is better than making none. Instead, people are realizing that a residency provides an accelerated knowledge base straight out of optometry school.

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Sloan Rajadhyksha
Sloan Rajadhyksha practices in San Diego, California where she specializes in Vision Therapy & Pediatrics. Sloan’s passion lies with creating effortless vision for her patients.


  1. Great expose Sloan! We’ve been taught that when challenges arise, we must “rise up” and “push harder”; yet so much of higher education is a mental game and that strategy doesn’t always work. The ability to change your mindset shows how you are growing and learning already! I think you’ll be well on your way to a great year. Best of luck!

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