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This is an amazing video made by one of our own about ODs! Take the time to watch the whole video!   Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
After a doctor's staff continually asks for diet pill prescriptions, an OD challenges them to a 5K and they accepted! A win-win for everyone! Except maybe for the doctor who promised $130 running shoes for everyone! Read & Comment on...
Atticus, a 9-month-old Great Pyrenees, spends the afternoon at the office. Everyone loves an adorable dog in the office! Check out the dogs of optometry! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
Check out this sweet treat that is a great idea for a staff member for any occasion! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
An OD helps two kids with simple fixes that make big changes. It is a feel good moment for both patient and doctor. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
Want to know how the American Optometric Association Evidence Based Optometry Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) come together? They are lucky to have a committee of volunteers dedicated to reviewing and perfecting the document. Check out how they got it...
A forgotten pre-order promotion leads to some serious “nerding-out” in the office. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
One eye doctor is spreading the love by crafting these vision-specific Valentines for her patients. What do you do to show patient appreciation? This OD is thinking out-of-the-box! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook