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What to do with a bad Facebook review? It is frustrating when all the facts are not accurate. OD's weigh in on how to handle the situation. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
Suggestions from ODs on Facebook members on responding to pharmacies that reject non-narcotic prescriptions because the OD doesn’t have a DEA#.  OD's discuss their opinions on whether obtaining a DEA# is necessary or not. Also, does it validate them as...
What diagnosis code would you use for a patient with large cup/disk ratios but no other indications of glaucoma? This is the coding conundrum!  Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
How would you respond to a patient who is upset that he was charged a contact lens “fitting fee” even though the prescription was unchanged? Join the discussion with other professionals about how they handle the topic of fees...
An OD wonders if she is charging too much for a refraction based on an angry encounter from an octogenarian patient. The responses from the group are overwhelmingly in support of the doctor! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook    
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