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What to do with a bad Facebook review? It is frustrating when all the facts are not accurate. OD's weigh in on how to handle the situation. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
Pharmacy giant opening optical centers in select locations by partnering with Vision Care Plan (VSP): optometrists weigh in. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
When submitting insurance claims, do you submit the patients’ biological gender, or do you use the gender that they identify as? This is a discussion on best practices and experiences on this matter. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
Suggestions from ODs on Facebook members on responding to pharmacies that reject non-narcotic prescriptions because the OD doesn’t have a DEA Number. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
As a business owner, you understand your employees are invaluable to your business and its success. You may provide benefits that demonstrate their value to you, but what about income protection if an employee becomes sick or disabled and can’t...
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