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Mark, 49. Does good work in the lab, wakes up like this, plays Cello on his days off, not allowed on the sales floor. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
Patricia, 59, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, AOA Member, academic chair at school, threatens students with 2 point deduction in their ocular disease class. Hates the word chalazion. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
ODs come clean about the last time they had a comprehensive eye exam. This funny thread highlights how sometimes it is hard to practice what you preach! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Grab a drink and enjoy! ODs spill the beans on their most embarrassing moments! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
An OD creates a Lego set that is loved by so many they inspire him to submit it to Lego designs. Now he needs your support and vote to get Lego to produce the set. Read & Comment on ODs...
How do we educate our patients on the importance of quality lenses and not just designer frames. Enjoy this lively discussion on the topic of designer frames and quality lenses. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
This is an amazing video made by one of our own about ODs! Take the time to watch the whole video!   Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
This doctor's favorite patient of the day! You can't have a bad day when you have patients this cute! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  
One of the many benefits of ODs on Facebook is the sharing of knowledge. Here an OD seeks guidance on a HIPAA-compliant form and quickly gets the response he desires. Now, he can move forward with posting his patients...
Typical tween does not want glasses because of what he looks like, but once he gets a glimpse of how well he sees (and thanks to snapchat) he gets the approval he is looking for! Read & Comment on ODs...
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