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A doll's glasses are in need of repair and OD is there to rescue them! They are small and adorable and this "fix" warms everyone's heart. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
A retina detachment as spooky as the day -- Halloween! This photo is both amazing and scary and leads to Halloween surgery. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
A phone call from an OMD to an OD supporting her decisions for referrals goes a long way. It made this OD feel great and establishes a great relationship. This is not just good for the patients, but business...
This Valentine sentiment says it all...for ODs that is. LOL Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Ivy is an amazing patient. She is 97 and has excellent eyesight. She still drives and lives on her own. Most importantly, she never misses an eye exam because she knows how valuable her vision is! Read & Comment on...
An OD receives a most creative gift for his adorable new baby! These Snellen chart month stickers are sure to document each month of the child's first year of life just right. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
This is amazing artwork made from an old phoropter! The artist took about an old phoropter into hundreds of pieces and came up with this totally cool display! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Getting your eyes dilated? Maybe you should try the OD Dab! A playful take on a popular dance in the doctor's office. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
A 7-year-old does an excellent job of describing his symptoms accurately to the OD, which in turn helps the OD to send him straight to the ER. The patient has surgery thanks to the doctor's quick thinking and has probably...
If you need an optometry related Halloween costume you have come to the right place. This costume is unforgettable and a little frightening LOL! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
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