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ODs are shocked when they see that a patient drove without contact lenses or glasses and could obviously not see! The kicker is that he was driving to his eye exam appointment! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
A crossword puzzle has a hilarious answer to a clue about Optometry! Can you figure it out? Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
An OD is so proud of her accomplishments in opening a new gorgeous new office. She wants to thank everyone for their support and share all of the new decor and special details. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Some of the most simple directions are so easily misunderstood on a daily basis at an ODs office. This one seems to have struck a nerve with lots of docs! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Would you believe I actually finished one of my projects? Yes, it’s true disbelievers, I finished one of my projects. Today marks the day I officially handed back the keys to my old “store” and committed head-on to my new “office.”...
Join this OD led discussion on how to de-stress. What do you do to relieve stress in the office? Do you stop and meditate for a few minutes? Yoga? Go running at lunch? Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
ODs discuss funny stories of what they have witnessed when they walked into an exam room. From the hilarious to the "can you believe that happened", this is a very entertaining post. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
This OD has an extensive Eye-Mazing wardrobe to last each day of the week. Check out her skirts, dresses and more that are office friendly and totally entertaining. Her staff and patients enjoy her wearing them as well! Read &...
ODs post their best celebrity sightings! Can you top theirs? Who have you been in a picture with? Post your best picture here! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Focusing on just one of my projects is hard! Perhaps because I grew up at a time when ADHD meant you just had to find a creative outlet for the ants in your pants, I have always found that focusing...
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