After a patient complains of discomfort when closing his eyes, an OD finds this when inverting his eyelid! ODs weigh on the what it could be and give their own experiences. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
This Friday did not end well when a patient hypertension had the last exam! Bringing her PCP into the mix covers all bases. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
An OD is unclear what the correct course of action is for their patient with very high blood pressure. Do they prescribe medication? Call the patient's PCP to move up their appointment that is 10-days away? Or, is there...
Do you agree with the eye doctor’s suspicion of leukemia after this African-American male patient complained about intermittent tunnel vision, stabbing bodily pains, and more? OD's discuss the possible diagnosis options for this patient and his ultimate findings after...
Would you have recognized the signs of malignant hypertension that exacerbated this patient’s kidney failure? This OD identified a serious medical condition that landed a patient in ICU and saved his life! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  

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