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Check out this quick tip to document retinal pathology for a shot you may not be able to pick up with a traditional retinal camera! Using your phone to take a clinical picture may be easier than you think! Read...
62-year-old white female presents for an initial visit with complaints only related to refractive issues. BCVA 20/20 OD, OS, OU. Significant medical history includes hypercholesterolemia, for which she is medicated and reports 'good' total cholesterol and reduced LDL. Fundus...
After ignoring a single black dot in his vision, this patient finally saw his optometrist. See if you can guess the diagnosis before scrolling through the comments for the answer. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Anyone spot Mickey? Courtesy of Dr. Brad Sutton.  ODs share guesses on the diagnosis of this interesting retinal pathology presentation. What's your guess? #TFT !! Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook  

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Managing a patient with possible malignant hypertensive retinopathy. Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Just in time for Halloween! Motivate your patients to treat their Demodex with this optometrist-provided video… Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook
Clinical query: How would you treat recurrent corneal erosion in a patient who is uncomfortable with debridement or stromal puncture? Read & Comment on ODs on Facebook