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A 38-year-old Caucasian female presented to the office with a 2-week history of peripheral vision loss OD. She reported being in a motor vehicle accident 2 weeks prior where another car ran a stoplight and hit her family’s car head-on into the driver’s side. Her husband was the driver, she was in the front passenger seat, and their 5 children were in the back of the vehicle. Her airbag deployed both from the dashboard as well as from the front seat passenger door to her right which caught her from hitting the passenger door. She did not have any other injuries but started noticing the peripheral vision loss within a few hours. With serious family injuries to attend to, the patient did not seek evaluation until two weeks later. The patient reports the defect has been stable since the accident and has not been associated with any other symptoms such as flashes, floaters, pain, or headache.

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Jill Autry
Dr. Autry received her pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She practiced in critical care before returning for her optometry degree at the University of Houston.  Following graduation, she performed a residency in ocular disease and surgical comanagement at the Eye Center of Texas ophthalmology center where she is a partner today. Dr. Autry lectures nationally and internationally on a variety of pharmaceutical and ocular disease topics and has authored numerous articles for both optometric and pharmaceutical journals.

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