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If you’ve spent any kind of time looking into digital marketing, you probably know something about SEO. Some people like to position SEO as a highly complicated science, while others treat it like some kind of mystical art. The truth is that it’s somewhere in between, and it’s something that you can do for yourself. The key is to understand SEO enough to understand what it is, why it’s important and how you can make improvements yourself.

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Trudi Charest
Trudi Charest is the Co-Founder of 4ECPs, a business resource company for eye care professionals. 4ECPs has six divisions – marketing, training, social media, job sites, payments & events. Trudi is well known for designing, developing and facilitating training and marketing programs to Eye Care Professionals across North America. Trudi is a Licensed Optician with over 25 years of extensive eye care experience. She also holds a Human Resource Management certificate from the University of Calgary. Her experience includes corporate training in retail optical, territory management for Bausch & Lomb, Clinical Consulting with Optos and VP of Training for Eye Recommend, one of Canada’s leading Optometric buying groups. She is an international speaker, author, industry consultant, and business innovator.

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