Making the commitment

Committing the time and resources needed to build a good foundation in sports vision optometry is a fantastic career investment for any OD. As a sports vision optometrist, you will have a unique capacity to enhance the vision of amateur athletes, professional athletes, and patients with high occupational visual demands such as members of law enforcement and the military.  The skills you learn will elevate all aspects of your clinical practice and will a not only enable you to provide optimal vision enhancement for the previously mentioned groups, they will help you provide better vision care for all your patients.

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Fayiz Mahgoub
Associate Editor, Eye Care Technology and Vision Therapy for Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub is Chief Creative Officer for Defocus Media and a member of the National Optometric Association's Strategic Planning Committee as well as The Optical Foundation's Advisory Committee. In 2015 he founded the organization Young Leaders in Optometry to bring together the brightest young minds in optometry in order to explore new ways for young optometrists to grow professionally and contribute to the profession. Dr. Mahgoub enjoys sharing his thoughts on a variety of eye care topics as a contributing writer to Optometric Management Magazine,, as well as host of the eye care technology podcast, VisionTECH with Fayiz Mahgoub.

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