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Understanding the bank loan team

When applying for a bank loan for your practice, it’s important to understand that your bank’s loan officer works on a team with multiple bankers and support staff. These professionals work together to quickly review your financial documents, underwrite your loan and provide you with a credit decision as well as a loan proposal.

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Darren Jackson
Associate Editor, Finance for Darren Jackson is an OD Practice Startup & Growth Specialist. He is a 13-year healthcare industry veteran. Upon graduating from Salisbury University in 2004 with a degree in Business Administration, Darren joined Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a professional healthcare representative. Darren spent 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry where he worked as a territory and product sales manager for Pfizer, Schering-Plough and Merck Pharmaceuticals. In 2011, Darren joined Bank of American Practice Solutions, where he helped launch Bank of America’s Optometric and Medical division. Darren spent 5 years at Bank of America Practice Solutions, where he was able to help ODs throughout the country start and grow their practices. Darren has many friends and clients in the optometric industry and spends the majority of his professional time helping doctors start and or grow their practices. Darren is currently Vice-President and Business Development Officer for Wells Fargo.

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