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As the head of an outsourced accounting firm that serves OD practices and other small and medium-sized businesses, my new clients are often amazed by the results of our onboarding process. We usually find a number of gaps in their operations, including accounting errors, inaccurate financial statements, and process inefficiencies. I always assure my new clients that no matter how diligent they or their staff thought they were, it’s beneficial to have a second set of more experienced eyes handle this area.

After all, as an OD, you wouldn’t let an accountant examine and care for your patients’ (or let alone your own) eyes, so why does it make sense for you to handle your practice’s financial operations?

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Orin Schepps
CEO and Founder of Consultance Accounting that focuses on the way accounting services are provided to the optometry profession. I understand the various challenges that ODs face on both the practice side and the accounting and finance aspect. My goal is to help you grow your practice while achieving your financial goals.

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