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Imagine serving your patients without standardized processes. If there were no clear and consistent way of handling appointments – from bookings, screenings and exams, to patient check-outs and follow-ups – your patients would likely be dissatisfied, as well as you and your office staff. Standardization provides the means for ensuring thorough and complete patient care in an efficient manner.

The same goes for your Accounting processes. When your practice is small, you might start out by handling your accounts receivable, supplier/vendor disbursements, payroll and financial reports in an ad hoc fashion. However, just as inconsistent delivery of patient services can wreak havoc to your practice, so can lack of standardization with your bookkeeping and accounting. Standardizing your Accounting processes helps you to avoid costly mistakes that could potentially ruin your practice’s reputation. 

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Orin Schepps
CEO and Founder of Consultance Accounting that focuses on the way accounting services are provided to the optometry profession. I understand the various challenges that ODs face on both the practice side and the accounting and finance aspect. My goal is to help you grow your practice while achieving your financial goals.

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