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In January of this year, the FDA granted the first approval for commercial use of a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) program in healthcare. The approval was granted to Arterys, a machine learning platform that was designed for use in cardiology. The program works by analyzing MRI imaging of the heart to accurately measure the volume of each ventricle, allowing physicians to precisely assess heart function. In order to receive this approval, Arterys had to demonstrate to the FDA that the results of its AI algorithm are at least as accurate as those obtained by a human clinician.¹

Arterys can conduct this assessment in 15 seconds on average, whereas a physician would be expected to take 30 minutes to an hour to perform the same task.¹ The program was able to achieve this speed while maintaining human level accuracy after being given a training set of only 1,000 patient cases to learn from. The cloud-based system will automatically receive data from all future patient assessments which will help it to further improve its accuracy.

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Fayiz Mahgoub
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